dowu events


Imagine waking up in a calm and serene setting, heading into morning yoga or fitness class with the rest of the attendees. After you feel energized from class, you have some time to relax on your own before a delicious family breakfast which includes coffee and tea, fresh fruit, yoghurt and granola, and a regional dish made in-house. Next up, check your itinerary and find what exciting activity awaits!


Trip #7: VERANO, June 2017

“Being tired as a host isn't fun or relaxing”


Trip #6: TRANQUILO, April 2017

“Intuition is your tool, use it”


Trip #5: TG2, Nov 2016

“Investing in proper footage is always a great idea”


Trip #4: CABIN FEVER, Oct 2016

“Always have a Plan B”


Trip #3: ELEVATE, May 2016

“Work with people you feel most comfortable with”


Trip #2: REFRESH, Feb 2016

“Have faith in your abilities”



“Confidence is key”