DAYS OFF WITH US is a concept born in San Francisco, California, from the desire to create intentional vacations that serve the purpose of connecting people with each other while also offering the opportunity to refresh and rejuvenate through a series of different activities and excursions. You can call us a retreat, but our customized trips go beyond the scope of yoga and wellness. We strive to offer a complete package of relaxation and fun, always led by a local expert, with ties to the land and the places visited. The end result is a seamless vacation, with thoughtful gestures and moments where you truly feel taken care of.


your event with us

After hosting experiences for many years, we realized that one of the most valuable things we can have as hosts is time and energy to enjoy with the people who made the trip. Those moments where we can breathe, look around at what we've created and who we brought together, are why we do it all in the first place.

The problem sometimes is the execution and all the details that come with planning such an event leave us tired and without the energy to properly lead and entertain at the same time. Delegating is key to successful gatherings, and finding the right venues and people that can assist with our plans is very important for our peace of mind.