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What is your opinion of a habit? 

Maybe it's something you had never considered, or something that plays out in your life without much thought, like brushing your teeth. I recently listened to a very interesting podcast/video interview by Lewis Howes with Mel Robbins about habits and the parts of our brain we use. Did you know thoughts can be habits too? Over-thinking, analysis/paralysis, and low self-esteem are due to the habit of having certain repetitive thoughts.

Imagine the damage of having a negative thought about yourself for 10+ years. Wherever that thought originated from, or however long you've been believing it, Mel Robbins teaches her "5 Second Rule" to interrupt and re-route those negative thought patterns.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 !!!!

DID YOU KNOW? Counting backwards from 5 to 1 will help you activate your Prefrontal Cortex to take action and make aware choices.

***Tip: Count down from 5-1 next time you are having trouble taking action***

WE ARE MADE UP OF HABITS because everything we do builds our character into who we are. From the food we choose to eat, how long we sit at the table, or how often we are rushing around and how much time we allow ourselves to relax every day. Creating good habits is key to being the person you want to be.



  1. Be clear on what habits you want to create by writing them down.
  2. Follow through with your habit goals by setting alarms/reminders (choose the most ideal time for these alerts depending on the prep time you'll need before each habit).
  3. Stay accountable for your habits by keeping track of them consistently. This will create an unbiased and factual based "image" of your daily patterns that are making you who you are today. 

I recommend downloading my favorite new app: Habit List which will help you do all of the above with a simple, user-friendly, and highly effective interface. 

Habit List pic.png

Thanks for reading, see you next week!