Hi! Welcome back to DOWU DIARY! In my last post I told you about HABIT LIST my new favorite app that helps you set up a list of your most desirable habits and improve through checking in, setting reminders, and a pretty cool interface. I love technology sometimes.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road can take you there
— Lewis Carroll
Me on my way to Yosemite National Park last weekend.

Me on my way to Yosemite National Park last weekend.

I love this quote because it is just as much nonsense as it is brilliant. It claims that even if you don't have a "clear" vision of where you're going, you can always focus on the present. By taking the road you want today, you'll always end up where you need to be tomorrow.

Not all roads lead to the bathroom ;)

Not all roads lead to the bathroom ;)

This is why I believe focusing on daily positive habits will inevitably set us up for success. Sometimes you don't need a big plan, just the right moves. 

So, are retreats the new vacation?

 Filmed and produced by Diogo Atadini from Rainland at our last retreat TG2.

From a general perspective, vacations and retreats are simply 'getaways' from our everyday lives. Vacations often symbolize a nice hotel and leisurely experience. While retreats are one huge ? mark, and probably involve way too much health and meditation, we hypothesize.

But the underlying truth about these stigmas is the undeniable uprising of wellness happening all around the world. People are trading in weekend clubbing for two-night camping adventures, late nights for more sleep, and everyone seems to be exercising more. Alcohol, sugar, tobacco, and prescription pills are slowly taking a seat in history and being replaced by conscious choices based on the new education we are receiving.

Retreats are simply a response to the growing demand for options that have our best interest at heart. We still want to have that getaway, but we also want it to count toward our evolvement, not take us back 10 steps.

[insert "I need a vacation from my vacation" quote]

That is what led me to creating Days Off With Us. A way to get the full-rounded vacation experience offered from a perspective of wellness and balance that everyone can relate to, and that anyone would benefit from.


So are retreats the new vacation? They are for me. I am excited to check out some retreats hosted by friends and also some completely "unknown" retreats too! Plus of course, hosting my own retreats is always a retreat for myself, so I look forward to that this Spring-Summer.

There are still a few spots left for Tranquilo & Verano. Click on the retreats tab!

One of our DOWU guests enjoying a beautiful day in Puerto Morelos.

One of our DOWU guests enjoying a beautiful day in Puerto Morelos.

See you next time! Thanks for reading :)