Hello there :) Welcome back to DOWU DIARY. How  have  you  been!? Have you worked on any good habits lately? If you don't know why I ask, just take a look at my previous-to-last post about habit building. Make sure you check out the app I suggest for managing your habits like a pro!

I'll admit, I wasn't able to keep up with Habit List during my recent 5-night retreat in Mexico. However, I quickly decided that was ok. I think it's important to use these molds and structures (or apps) when needed, but ultimately, the goal is to live and act freely. Yet always knowing we have a say in our design.


A 'design' in which our daily trained habits make up the outline of our life, and what's colored in is a product of those habits. Like, if you wake up early chances are you catch more sunrises.

The point is that ALL of our habits add up to ONE unique design. So ask yourself, what is your current design? What habits do you need to add or drop? Maybe you have no idea where to begin. 


The Main Design

When our inner vision becomes blurry, or we lose sight of the concept of having a design, there is a simple set of principles you can include in your daily structure to come back to a positive outlook, fill in the gaps that are missing, and have a clear vision of yourself and your life.

Some of these are pretty rudimentary steps, but believe me, sometimes it seems that simplicity is what cures complication. Focusing on small important steps gives purpose, and if you can be consistent, you can reach new levels of understanding about yourself that will greatly improve your wellbeing. 



  • Exercise: walk, jog, swim, gym, workout, yoga, pilates, do your own thing!
  • Stretch: don't let this one fall through the cracks, plus its one of the easy ones. 
  • Healthy meals (and drinks): Beware of sugar. Avoid inflammatory foods (and drinks) like dairy & grains. Instead add, healthy greens and protein high/mineral rich foods. Tip: add green smoothies into your daily meal plan. Need help? Talk to Chef Bai.
  • Drink more water: also add the juice of 1 lemon to your morning water for extra detox/cleansing. 
  • Hydrate your skin and hair regularly with natural oils, check out REINA (you'll need this password: underthesea)
  • Mineral salt baths (at home): don't have a tub? you can try essential oil sprays for your shower to produce a steam-like effect (thanks for the tip D).
  • Sleep: Make it your ultimate goal to get 6-8 hours of *natural* sleep.
  • Toxin Awareness: become aware of your daily toxin intake, and try to reduce it. If you want to be a clear vessel, you have be clear of toxic substances. Substances that are hiding in your food and water and many other day-to-day products. Affecting your intestines, as well as neurological wiring, causing many diseases and auto-immune responses. So ask yourself, what awesome or not-so-awesome ingredients are hiding in the products and food you buy?


  • Daily gratitude: Try to find a moment each day to feel gratitude for something. Notice your state of mind each time. How does it feel to feel grateful today?
  • Prayer/mantra: Not religious? No problem. Find any word or thought that brings you peace and happiness. Repeat it while you inhale/exhale. 
  • Meditation: A few minutes every day to quiet your mind. Practice breathing techniques or maybe find a guided meditation on youtube. Just choose the duration you want to start with, I usually do 10-15 min. I also recommend the app Headspace
  • Breathing: Take deeper breaths. Be conscious of your breathing.
  • Limit your alcohol intake: If you are trying to regain or maintain positivity don't take a depressant. Stay clear minded and present. 
  • Journal: Write about your feelings or the happenings of your day. Who better to listen than yourself?
  • Relaxing music: Sometimes when all else fails and I can't write, meditate or be grateful, I play relaxing healing sounds (once again youtube). Find your favorite ones. At some point, even if subtly, the healing vibrations will help heal your negative energy field/blockages. 


  • Assign yourself specific work hours for certain projects you want to complete. 
  • Keep a clean and tidy living space at all times (messy room = messy mind)
  • Learn a new skill or language.
  • Stay focused on your goals and productivity will come naturally 
  • Set timers. Many days I need to set actual timers for myself to get from doing task A to task B. This helps with time management, staying focused on the task, and reminding me of the next task. 
*** These are examples from my personal experiences. Maybe some will work for you, others may not. Maybe you'll get ideas from my ideas :) I hope you feel better and better each day. See you here next time, and thank you for reading ***

Written by: Briana Gomez             


Hi! Welcome back to DOWU DIARY! In my last post I told you about HABIT LIST my new favorite app that helps you set up a list of your most desirable habits and improve through checking in, setting reminders, and a pretty cool interface. I love technology sometimes.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road can take you there
— Lewis Carroll
Me on my way to Yosemite National Park last weekend.

Me on my way to Yosemite National Park last weekend.

I love this quote because it is just as much nonsense as it is brilliant. It claims that even if you don't have a "clear" vision of where you're going, you can always focus on the present. By taking the road you want today, you'll always end up where you need to be tomorrow.

Not all roads lead to the bathroom ;)

Not all roads lead to the bathroom ;)

This is why I believe focusing on daily positive habits will inevitably set us up for success. Sometimes you don't need a big plan, just the right moves. 

So, are retreats the new vacation?

 Filmed and produced by Diogo Atadini from Rainland at our last retreat TG2.

From a general perspective, vacations and retreats are simply 'getaways' from our everyday lives. Vacations often symbolize a nice hotel and leisurely experience. While retreats are one huge ? mark, and probably involve way too much health and meditation, we hypothesize.

But the underlying truth about these stigmas is the undeniable uprising of wellness happening all around the world. People are trading in weekend clubbing for two-night camping adventures, late nights for more sleep, and everyone seems to be exercising more. Alcohol, sugar, tobacco, and prescription pills are slowly taking a seat in history and being replaced by conscious choices based on the new education we are receiving.

Retreats are simply a response to the growing demand for options that have our best interest at heart. We still want to have that getaway, but we also want it to count toward our evolvement, not take us back 10 steps.

[insert "I need a vacation from my vacation" quote]

That is what led me to creating Days Off With Us. A way to get the full-rounded vacation experience offered from a perspective of wellness and balance that everyone can relate to, and that anyone would benefit from.


So are retreats the new vacation? They are for me. I am excited to check out some retreats hosted by friends and also some completely "unknown" retreats too! Plus of course, hosting my own retreats is always a retreat for myself, so I look forward to that this Spring-Summer.

There are still a few spots left for Tranquilo & Verano. Click on the retreats tab!

One of our DOWU guests enjoying a beautiful day in Puerto Morelos.

One of our DOWU guests enjoying a beautiful day in Puerto Morelos.

See you next time! Thanks for reading :)


Hi, I'm Bri, the founder of Days Off With Us. You'll hear from me the most on this blog, as I share what I'm up to every week, how I stay aligned with my intentions and goals, and interesting places I visit and must share. You'll also hear from other great people on the DOWU team, who will share their inspiring stories that have brought them to where they are today.


What is your opinion of a habit? 

Maybe it's something you had never considered, or something that plays out in your life without much thought, like brushing your teeth. I recently listened to a very interesting podcast/video interview by Lewis Howes with Mel Robbins about habits and the parts of our brain we use. Did you know thoughts can be habits too? Over-thinking, analysis/paralysis, and low self-esteem are due to the habit of having certain repetitive thoughts.

Imagine the damage of having a negative thought about yourself for 10+ years. Wherever that thought originated from, or however long you've been believing it, Mel Robbins teaches her "5 Second Rule" to interrupt and re-route those negative thought patterns.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 !!!!

DID YOU KNOW? Counting backwards from 5 to 1 will help you activate your Prefrontal Cortex to take action and make aware choices.

***Tip: Count down from 5-1 next time you are having trouble taking action***

WE ARE MADE UP OF HABITS because everything we do builds our character into who we are. From the food we choose to eat, how long we sit at the table, or how often we are rushing around and how much time we allow ourselves to relax every day. Creating good habits is key to being the person you want to be.



  1. Be clear on what habits you want to create by writing them down.
  2. Follow through with your habit goals by setting alarms/reminders (choose the most ideal time for these alerts depending on the prep time you'll need before each habit).
  3. Stay accountable for your habits by keeping track of them consistently. This will create an unbiased and factual based "image" of your daily patterns that are making you who you are today. 

I recommend downloading my favorite new app: Habit List which will help you do all of the above with a simple, user-friendly, and highly effective interface. 

Habit List pic.png

Thanks for reading, see you next week!



Welcome to DOWU DIARY. A monthly entry of new and old ideas, stories and solutions, with the common theme of what we do on our days off and everything happening in-between that enhances our experience of life.

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