Think beach-casual. A few bathing suits, t-shirts, and comfortable clothes to lounge in. Dinners out, but nothing too fancy. A casual shirt or a summer dress is great! You may also want to bring:

  • Walking shoes / flip-flops

  • Yoga friendly attire

  • Light jacket for night use

  • Sunglasses/sun hat

  • Water bottle for easy refills

IMG_2141 2.JPG


You will need some of this information to fill out your immigration forms. Keep it handy!

  • Name of property: The Diving Lodge

  • Address: Ave. Unam Reg 11 M5 L4. Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo. CP:77580

  • Make sure to keep your tourist card safe, you need this to leave Mexico.

Contact us at any time: 415 342 2564 (Briana) or +52 99 84 23 65 83 (Patrick)

see you soon!